Spiritual Warfare

Title Published Date
How to avoid proposals of food during fasting 16 February 2022
Why should I continue to fast for the nation when it is not working for me? 08 February 2022
The Prophecy of The Overthrow of The Satanic Prince of Douala 16 November 2021
The Prophecy of The Overthrow of The Satanic Prince of Cameroon 14 November 2021
The Prophecy of The Overthrow of The Satanic Prince of Yaounde 14 November 2021
The Bertoua Land: Permanent Headquarters of CMFI 09 November 2021
Thus says the Lord: The deluge is upon you! 08 November 2021
The Prophecy of Cindy Jacobs to Z.T. Fomum 07 November 2021
Unauthorized Fire 05 November 2021
Weights and the sin that so easily entangles 29 October 2021
The Seven Great Killers 28 October 2021
Body Hygiene And Fasting (Z.T. Fomum) 27 October 2021
My Abundance: A Word From The Lord 26 October 2021
Fasting: Quality and Impact (Zacharias T. Fomum) 24 October 2021
The History of Prayer Crusades in The Ministry 23 October 2021
The Battle On The Cross (Z.T. Fomum) 22 October 2021
Pressing Through to Victory (Z.T. Fomum) 21 October 2021
From the Leader's Office: 40-day Prayer and Fasting Crusade 20 October 2021
A Word from the Lord 19 October 2021
Difficulties During Long Fasts: A Testimony (P. Foka) 16 October 2021
Completing The Fast: If I Perish, I Perish (Z.T. Fomum) 16 October 2021
Backsliding And Restoration to a Life of Fasting (Z.T. Fomum) 15 October 2021
Preparing For a Fast: Practical Aspects (Z.T. Fomum) 14 October 2021
Some Tips About Fasting 04 October 2021
The Pharisee and The tax Collector at Prayer [Z.T. Fomum] 29 January 2021
Breaking Long And Very Long Fasts (Zacharias T. Fomum) 17 November 2020
The Breaking of Fasts: A General Warning (Zacharias T. Fomum) 17 November 2020
Ministry Fast: 12 Oct - 20 Nov 2020 17 October 2020
The day I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ 26 May 2020
Stuck at Home? Take a Prayer Retreat of 30 Minutes 16 April 2020
The Pathway to Revival: The Need For Repentance (ZT Fomum) 08 March 2020
Koume 2019: Fasting to Encounter God - A Leadership Responsibility (T. Andoseh) 18 September 2019
Back to Bethel: The Lonely Night (ZT Fomum) 22 July 2019
Back to Bethel: All-Night Prayer (Z.T. Fomum) 12 May 2019
Back to Bethel: Revival in The Discipline of Fasting (ZT Fomum) 03 May 2019
The Leader And The World (Z.T. Fomum) 21 April 2019
The Call For Exceedingly Great Deeds (Z.T. Fomum) 30 March 2019
Praying During a Fast (Zacharias T. Fomum) 03 November 2018
Our Ministry And Long Fasts (Zacharias T. Fomum) 07 October 2018
Praying For The Sunday Worship Service (Zacharias T. Fomum) 15 April 2018
The House of Prayer (Zacharias T. Fomum) 14 April 2018
Costly Praise And Thanksgiving (Zacharias T. Fomum) 13 April 2018
The Fasting of Hannah (ZT Fomum) 05 October 2017
The Ministry of Fasting 12 July 2015
Delivered From Bitterness And Healed 16 August 2014
What is Fasting? 23 January 2013
What is Fasting? 23 January 2013